2/Lt Zakrzewski Stanisław – Polish Soldier

Stanislaw Jerzy Zakrzewski was born on the 22nd March 1910 at 10pm in Tymienica, Poland although other sources say the 10th March was the day of his birth. His father was Izydor Zakrzewski and his mother was Jadwiga Sonsfeld.

Between 1932 and 1933 he was commanding officer in the corporal’s degree. Before World War II he worked at the state police as Senior Constable. 1939 when Russian Army invaded Poland made him evacuate through Romania, Yugoslavia, Greece and when in Fracne he began active military service in Coetbo. The was made education he tried to continue impossible and eventually in 1940 he got to Great Britan to become a soldier and fight for Polish armed forces.

He served as team motorcycle rider and attended army school in Dundee. Till April 1941 Stanislaw was deputy technical officer in the third battalion of the first gunner brigade. In October 1943 he got promoted and became ensign and technical officer. Since December 1943 be was a liaison officer in command of the first grenadier brigade.

In 1946 he got transferred to Poznan infantry battalion.

Zakrzewski died on 17th February 1947 at 5.40am in the camp of Achnacarry, Spean Bridge. The cause was most likely the cerebral hemorrhage that damaged his heart. His grave is located at the small graveyard by 15th centrury Catholic church in Cille Choirill in Scotland.




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